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The LifeSpring Hub is a web-based tool that helps us to stay connected, informed, and grow. The Hub’s prominent features include the ability to:
  • Update your own personal and family information
  • Communicate with others in the LifeSpring family including those in your ministry areas
  • Search and join groups (LifeGroups, ministry areas)
  • Sign up for events and serving opportunities
  • View your latest financial statements and give

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Q. Who can request a login?
A. Anyone can request a login. Those identified as church members and regular attenders in the church’s database are the only people able to view the online directory. Visitors may be granted access with limited privileges and visibility.

Q. Is The Hub just another form of social media?
A. No. The Hub allows us to connect with one another and increases community and connectivity; however, it is NOT a social medial tool. It does not allow for personal broadcasting (i.e. no blogs, tweets, posts, or likes)

Q. Is there an app for The Hub?
A. No, there is not an app for The Hub. However, The Hub is mobile friendly version for “People” and “Groups”. Other features are in the works and will be available in the future. However, you can still access the full website on your mobile device.

Q. Can I add people to my family in The Hub?
A. Only the church administration can add people to The Hub. Please contact the church office if you need to add someone to your family.

Q. Can I edit my own information?
A. Yes! After you login to your profile, select the option to “edit your profile”.

Q. What does it mean when you add someone as a friend in The Hub?
A. Adding a friend allows them to see the information that you have listed in your privacy settings as viewable to “friends” or “friends and my group members.” It allows friends to have a quick access to your profile and vise versa.

Q. If I “unfriend” someone in The Hub, do they get notified?
A. No, they will simply no longer be able to see the information that you have set as viewable to “friends” or “friends and my group members.”


Security and Privacy
Q. How secure and private is The Hub? I’m hesitant to put my information online.
A. Your information is secure and well protected. The Hub’s infrastructure (Church Community Builder) has been vetted by a number of private and public organizations. The Hub allows you to set your privacy settings to your comfortability level. For the sake of staff and administration, it is requested that you put as much information in the system as possible. Maintaining basic contact and demographic information is important. However, from a privacy perspective, once that information is entered, you can choose to display as much or as little of that information to the rest of the church as you choose. For more specific information about your privacy settings, click here.

Q. What are the privacy options?
A. There are four privacy setting options which will allow more or less people to view your profile. For every piece of information you enter, you can select a privacy setting:
  1. Everybody: This is the highest level for viewing. If someone has a username and password, they can see the information in this field.
  2. Friends & My Group Members: Fields with this setting can be viewed by members of “members interact” type groups you are involved in as well as other people with a login who are on your friends list. Appropriate church leadership can view the information as well.
  3. Friends Only: Fields with this setting can only be viewed by other people with a login who are on your My Friends list. Appropriate church leadership can view the information as well.
  4. Church Leadership Only: This is the lowest level for viewing. Fields with this setting can only be viewed by appropriate church leadership (people who have been given additional administrative privileges for the system.)


Children 11 and Under
Q. Who can see children’s names and ages?
A. Users cannot see information on children if they are age 11 or younger.

Q. If an individual wants his/her child under the age of 11 to be displayed, can it be?
A. No

Q. At what age can a child request a login?
A. Children may request a login at age 12.


Q. Who can see my giving history?
A. The entities who have access to your giving history in "The Hub" are the managers of the church's finances, the Treasurer, Financial Secretary and The Hub's system administrator.

Q. My husband and I can see our children’s financial giving, can they see ours?
A. No, only the person who is listed as the primary contact and their spouse can see all financial giving for members in their own family; however, family members who are not the primary contact cannot see anyone’s financial giving except their own.


Q. Can a user send an email to the whole church?
A. No

Q. Can a user email everyone in a group in which they are a member?
A. Yes, unless the group leader has chosen to restrict the group email settings.

Q. Why can’t I see a person’s email address?
A. To help ensure privacy, the email address is hidden on the individual’s profile to most users. You are still able to send them a message which will go directly to their inbox and can be replied to like any other email.

Q. My wife and I have the same email address, can we share our account?
A. Individuals can share the same email address, but each individual should use his or her unique login credentials. This ensures that each person has access to the correct Groups, communications, and calendars. The first user who signs up with the email address will be given that email address as their user name. The second user who signs up with the same email address will be prompted to create a new username.


Q. What types of calendars are in The Hub?
A. There are three types of calendars in The Hub:
  1. Your personal calendar (“My Calendar”) shows specific events, meetings, or classes you are scheduled to attend
  2. The Church-wide calendar shows events happening in the life of the church
  3. Public calendar shows events that are open to the general public

Q. Can I import “My Calendar” in The Hub to my personal calendar?
A. Absolutely! One of the benefits of The Hub is having the ability to import your church calendar into your personal calendar and have it update real time as church events or meetings change. For instructions on how to import calendars, please reference the support article here.


Q. Is every group in The Hub able to be viewed?
A. No. Groups that are designated as unlisted cannot be viewed by basic users in the system. However, you can view an unlisted group if you are a member of that group.

Q. If I am in a group that is listed, can people see if I am a member of that group?
A. No, the only names that are visible for group participants are the main leader and the assistant leader(s). Other than that, no one has the ability to see who is in that group.


Serving Opportunities
Q. Can I search for all the serving opportunities in The Hub?
A. Yes! Serving opportunities are going to be listed under “Positions”. To search for all positions, click on “Serve” in the black bar on the left hand of your screen. Click on “Positions” that’s listed across the top. Change “Filter by” to “Browse All” and “Sort by” to “Position Name”.


Q. Where can I go if I need help using The Hub?
A. Most questions can be answered by searching the help/support section. This can be done by clicking the gear in the top right corner of The Hub window. Directly under the gear you will see a text box with a magnifying glass and the text “Search help…” Type the nature of the issue in the box and hit enter to get a list of support articles that best match your search. For more advanced help or if you are unable to find the answer you are looking for, please email



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