Why join a LifeGroup?

Glad you asked. Our small groups, called LifeGroups, are all about the following:

LifeGroups are a gathering of multi-generational individuals coming together as a family to live out all the diverse stages of life and encourage and disciple one another. Holding fast to a mutual goal of drawing nearer to Christ. LifeGroups are encouraged to have a sense of responsibility for the neighborhood or town in which they meet and live. 

A LifeGroup is a family of believers living out the vision of the church while holding to their values. A LifeGroup is a group of people “joining God in restoring a broken world,” by “becoming a disciple that makes disciples.” They are living lives of grace, truth, family, growth, love, authenticity, confidentiality, and humility. 

At the end of the day, a LifeGroup is the Church, lived out in all its fullness on a cellular level. LifeSpring leaders will tell you if there was a situation where you were only able to attend one LifeSpring event per week, we would recommend you attend a healthy LifeGroup over a service every time, and we mean that. Because LifeGroups are where Church really happen, where it is truly lived out.

Find a LifeGroup


5:30 p.m. Harrison (Downtown Area)
Leaders: Josh and Jamie Bennett
Children Welcome

5:00 p.m. LifeSpring Church Building (During Youth Group)
Adult Small Group for Parents
Leader: Chris Engel  


7:00 p.m. Ross  
Leaders: Tom Sturm and Ken McLean
513-470-8785 (Tom) or | 513-367-0590 (Ken) or  
Children welcome. No childcare provided


9:30 a.m. Harrison South (Riverview Crossing)
55+ Generation
Leaders: Ed and Marsha Hoffman 
513-207-5192 (Marsha) or 513-207-5193 (Ed) or
No Childcare Provided

6:30 p.m. LifeSpring Church Building 
Leaders: Jeff Duerler, Ed Hampton, Dean & Lisa Heitkamp, and Bill & Kim Wegman 
513-225-2483 or
Childcare provided ($3/child)

7:00 p.m. Harrison (North Side) 
Leaders: Don and Anne Smith 
513-367-2413 or
Childcare Provided.
Note: Group meets every other Tuesday.


6:30 p.m. Harrison (North Side)
Leaders: Darren and Lisa Bowman
513-505-5867 (Lisa) or | (513) 255-5303 (Darren) or
No Childcare Provided

6:30 p.m. Harrison
Mackie Lane
Leaders: Caleb and Kelsey Herrick
Children welcome. No childcare provided

7:00 p.m. Harrison (Parks of Whitewater)
Leaders: John and Angela Calabrese
Children Welcome

7:30 p.m. Harrison (Howard Road)  
Leaders: Will and Cheryl Singer
513-417-2455 or 
No childcare provided

6:00 p.m. Hidden Valley Lake
Leaders: Doug and Sarah Goodman
248-660-7007 or
Children Welcome, Childcare Available.

6:30 p.m. Harrison (Parks of Whitewater Neighborhood)
Women's LifeGroup
Leader: Sandy Varney
513-504-9771 (Sandy) or
No Childcare Provided
Note: this LifeGroup meets every other Wednesday.

  6:30 p.m. Cleves
  Leader: Steve and Barb Caudill
  513-305-5533 or
  No Childcare Available


   7:00 p.m. Harrison  (Parks of Whitewater) 
   Leaders: Jerry and Sandy Varney
   No Childcare Available
Note: this group meets every other Wednesday



8:00 a.m. LifeSpring Church Building 
Prayer Group for Men: Focused on praying together for families, church and community
Leader: Nick Williams
(513) 544-9438 (Nick) or
No Childcare Provided


Starting a New LifeGroup

If you are interested in starting a LifeGroup, we'd like to talk with you. Click here to tell us more!


Luke 6:38 (NLT) Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full—pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap.

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