Transform Update


October 2019

Building on the Foundation
That's a great way to describe TRANSFORM in October. We built on the vision, we built on the giving, and we built on the ground.
Awesome contractors and workers
Your generous giving
Great weather
A transformed construction site on Carolina Trace

All the concrete curbs are another really significant milestone. By the end of November, the parking lot should have its gravel base, the building steel should be complete, and the concrete floor poured.

On October 20, the building steel got "tagged" by a gang of Jesus-lovin' LifeSpringers who wanted our workers to know that God's got great plans for their lives.

These messages are powerful declarations of faith that will characterize that space forever.

We believe God is using these messages, coupled with the tangible expressions of love every week from our Ministry of Construction, to transform our workers. One worker expressed the sentiment, "When we feel appreciated, we want to work even harder."

God, we pray for you to use this time on our jobsite to not only get the job done but to draw them to yourself.

Turning Our Broadway Building
Into a Self-sustaining
Restoration Center
for Non-profit Ministry

After presenting the more specific vision to repurpose our existing building by housing Reach Out Pregnancy Center, the Eve Center, and our very own Christ's Loving Hands food pantry, we started receiving first-time pledges from new folks (plus some increased pledges from those who felt led).

This picture doesn't even take into account more one-time gifts and one year pledges received this past week which bring the total needed from $200,000 down to $114,130.

We are 43% of the way there, and we believe God is already moving in hearts to invest in this exciting initiative. It's just a matter of time to see it fulfilled.
Thank you Harry, Michael, Amanda, Andrew, Ashleigh, Mike, Amy, Patty, Joseph, Kathy, Brian, Melissa, Karl, Karen, Jeff, John, Robin, BJ, Jesse, Chris, Stephanie, Kevin, Christy, and Reach Out!

A Prayer to Pray
[inspired by Joshua 1]

Here we come, Lord, we are stepping into your promises. The time has come, and we are ready to see You bring massive victory in people's lives. We want to see enemy strongholds collapse and righteousness to command our community.

By the power of Your name and for Your glory, demolish every opposition to Your reign and rule in our own hearts.

We take this promise as true: You won't fail or abandon us. You haven't brought us this far only to walk off. Make us strong to lead our friends and family and neighbors to possess eternal and abundant life. Make us courageous to sacrificially and generously give to your Kingdom cause.

We are listening intently to Your words. We are gonna stick to them and not drift so we will succeed in this great TRANSFORM venture.

Fear about not having enough - go to hell!
Discouragement about sacrificing to obey - get off of me!
God is with me, so I have everything I need.
You WILL provide as we seek You and Your Kingdom first.
We claim these promises as true in our lives as we faithfully listen and obey.

We love You, Lord, and are forever grateful for Your saving grace in our lives. Jesus, You're the leader of my life today, and I'm honored to walk with You as friend.

All for Christ and His glory!

Learn more about the Transform campaign here.


Luke 6:38 (NLT) Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full—pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap.

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