Transform Update


September 2019

We're doin' it!
Because of your prayer, your faithful giving, some dynamic teams of volunteers and contractors, and the pure blessing of God, TRANSFORM is becoming a tangible reality.

Giving towards the 1.2 million received in TRANSFORM commitments surpassed the $700,000 mark. Thank you, Lord!

Check out some pics of the progress on the Community Commons site:

The steel building arrived and the site work was tackled. Sanitary lines are run, the stormwater collection is completed, the parking lot is graded, and the foundation for the building has been prepped.

Concrete was poured for the foundation block and piers that will support the metal columns of the building. The interior floor now has a gravel base.

The cinder blocks we used for TRANSFORM commitments last May were brought from storage and are being laid as the top course. All our contractors have been so great to work with.

Our investment in the Kingdom through TRANSFORM is worth it because it has an eternal impact. We are building something that will lead hundreds and thousands to Jesus. So we give our all for the cause of Christ while we can in this life knowing it's so worth it.

Our "Ministry of Construction" has hosted a couple of lunches for workers already. The water we are providing each day has a bigger impact, too. For each case, 100 gallons of clean drinking water, high nutrition food, and the Good News message about Jesus is going around the world - win, win, and WIN!

We are excited about the year-long mission field God has brought to us on the construction site. Through acts of kindness, prayer, hospitality, and fellowship, the Lord will provide opportunities for us to share the Gospel.

When we launched TRANSFORM, we knew God was leading us to build a new Community Commons facility and complete the construction of our partner school in Kenya.

We wanted to keep our existing building on Broadway to help people, but we didn't know exactly what that would look like or if it would be possible.

We now have a clear vision and action plan.

Turning Our Broadway Building
Into a Self-sustaining
Restoration Center
for Non-profit Ministry

We see the Broadway building being transformed into a self-sustaining restoration center that houses local non-profit ministries.

Our Christ's Loving Hands food pantry will have dedicated storage and shopping space so volunteer horsepower can be invested in reaching more needy families (not set-up and take-down each week). We considered moving the pantry to our new location on Carolina Trace, but everyone indicated it was more strategic to be near downtown.

Reach Out Pregnancy Center, one of our long-standing Community Impact partners, is growing and needs a larger facility to provide more space for their ultrasound room, meeting rooms, and a boutique. The current children's wing of our building would work really well for them, and the easy-to-find location is perfect.

Also, the Eve Center, a women's free Christian counseling ministry is interested in teaming up with Reach Out to share space. These three ministries would each have some dedicated space and then use the common areas at different times of the week.

Can you imagine the synergy these three non-profit ministries would have together in the same building!

From the perspective of good stewardship, this is a slam dunk, not only because the facility will be used every day all week long, but because the auditorium can be booked for family and community events which generates the revenue to support its ongoing operation. That means even more financial fuel for God's work.

Mmmmm, I love the smell of Kingdom gasoline.

We are going to introduce Reach Out and Eve Center and share more about this TRANSFORM trifecta and what it will take to pull it off at the upcoming Vision Night on Sunday, October 13, from 5:30-6:30pm.

You don't want to miss this. We are going to introduce in person our Community Commons partners (the early learning center and coffee shop) and reveal the design for the indoor playground.

We will also begin receiving new TRANSFORM commitments from those who have not had an opportunity to join this epic venture yet.

Please note, there is no expectation for all of you who have already pledged to do another unless God’s Spirit prompts.

If you have been giving to TRANSFORM but you didn't make a pledge in May 2018, we invite you to complete a confidential commitment card so we can have an accurate assessment of what to expect over the next year. This will help us determine if we have the means to use our Broadway building for ministry.

Also, we'd love to have you sign a cinder block for the foundation wall of the new building!

Prayer Punch
[inspired by Nehemiah 4]

You are awesome, God. Nothing and no one is as good as you are, no power is greater than Yours, and no work is more important than advancing Your Kingdom.
You are unstoppable. You are the winner. You won't let the enemy get the last laugh. You are restoring this broken world. You're restoring our lives, and You're using us to bring hope, healing, and freedom to our suffering world.
Give us eyes to see the enemy's attempts to discourage and distract us from Your work. Turn the accusations into fuel that increases our focus and velocity.
Expose the plots of the evil one to seed fear, plant pessimism, nurture a critical spirit, and compromise our commitment. We stand guard against them and take captive the lies. We stand firm in Your truth.
You ARE providing for our needs.
You WILL never forsake us.
We DO trust You.
You protect and provide as we obey.
Come do something so great that everyone has to see Your hand in it. Give us success, Lord, so Your ways break into the deepest and darkest places of need. Build up the broken walls, restore what the enemy has taken. Put Your great name on display. Show up as we step out in faith.

For Christ and His glory!

Learn more about the Transform campaign here.


Luke 6:38 (NLT) Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full—pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap.

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